Architecture | Masterplanning | Urban Design | Interior Design

Architecture is nothing but the answer to human need.
As architecture changes over the centuries, the basic human needs remain unchanged.
We prefer simple and functional design that will stand the test of time.

Simplicity is not about giving up comfort. This focuses on balance, on prioritizing necessities and giving up whims, as a strategy applied in daily life.
From design to realization, VM75 Studio provides all types of architectural design services. Our extensive international experience in terms of design, allows us to deal with security and professionalism distinct design themes. Masterplanning and urban design, housing, public buildings, offices, educational, retail and industrial.

We offer services of architecture and design at all scales having dealt with projects such as residential areas, major shopping areas and marinas.
Architecture is about a belief in making sustainable and integrated environments where our buildings become embedded within a city’s fabric.
We are not only interested in architecture, we are also deeply interested in its contextual influence. With this commitment, we realize the design of large areas.
Our goal is to offer the unique spaces in which the urban design is transformed into the frame of natural spaces.


Stores | Shop-in-Shop | Windows | Displays

We design memorable experiences.
Through the design we help brands to create strong and lasting connections with your audience, creating an emotional bond. We believe this is the basis for the performance of any business.

The design experiences we create, are focused on helping brands get as close as possible to its customers.
We design commercial spaces and create forms of interaction between products and consumers, to lead the decision-making process, taking into account factors which: accessibility, defining traffic lanes and materials, without neglecting essential elements such as color, light and sound.

In your commercial space it is essential reflect those aspects that differentiate your brand from your competitors, giving added value to the shopping experience.
We offer our clients a global service for creating professional and commercial spaces such as shops, shop-in -shop outlets, shop windows and exhibitions.
The solution package we offer includes : study concept, design , planning, management , fabrication and execution.
We create your brand.

F F & E

Manufacturing | Implementation | Logistic | Storage | Maintenance

Furniture Fixture & Equipment.
Custom furniture manufacture, implementation and logistics.
We offer our customers the highest quality, the best materials, and all the necessary technical support.

Thanks to a solid partnership with the best companies in furniture production in Spain, we can offer customized business-to-client and business-to-business solutions.

We offer a complete service, including: manufacturing, implementation, logistics, packaging, transportation, storage, maintenance, and distribution (national and international).

We optimize the manufacturing process by producing technical furniture prototypes. Working this way, we can make the necessary adjustments and verify that the final product meets client requirements.

We care about every detail of every piece of furniture we design and build, because we believe that your buisness is our buisness .
That is why we are considered by our customers a trusted partner for the installation of commercial spaces.



  • V M | 7 5 is a dynamic and creative architectural firm. It has extensive experience in the field of retail design and we consider it a great partner for our business.

    Jordi Royo | G. Manager - Owner MEL | Shopfitting
  • We consider V M | 7 5 Studio as a trusted partner for developing the design of our technical projects.

    Alexandre Herrero | Co-Founder Forest Group